Useful Links

Here are some companies or sources of information that you might find useful or inspirational.


Always check that your builders or contractors are on the Register of Licensed Building Practitioners

Consumer build provides a range of clear, independent and up-to-date information on building, buying, renovating and maintaining houses in New Zealand. It guides you through your responsibilities under the Building Act and other relevant legislation, helps you locate and work with builders, sub-contractors and building professionals, while if you need flooring professionals you can click here to find more about this.

The Department of Building and Housing assists everyone involved with buildings, whether they build, own, live or work in them. They offer a range of information and other services related to building and housing.

At the Building Biology and Ecology Institute of New Zealand (BBE), we are committed to researching and promoting the most sustainable, healthy and harmonious building solutions possible, and making them accessible to everyone.

Ecobob – your go to for eco-friendly building & renovating.

A great place to find information on green homes, sustainable design and eco living. View a business directory of products such as rain water collectors, solar hot water systems, photovoltaic panels and house hold items.

With 20 years’ experience in the avoidance, management and resolution of building and construction disputes, the Building Disputes Tribunal is recognised and respected as the leading independent, nationwide provider of specialist dispute resolution services to the building and construction industry.

Architects and Licensed Designers

The New Zealand Institute of Architects can help you find one suitable to your project. There are also some interesting case studies.

Crosson Architects – this was the firm we used for our own award-winning home, Sentinel House. We found Ken to be approachable, creative and great fun to work with.


We have great relationships with all sorts of different trades. Talk to us about your project and we’re happy to recommend someone suitable for your project.


Architecture Now is a magazine-style website that features interesting NZ projects.

Green is an Australian magazine that covers sustainable architecture and landscape design.